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Not a tech giant or a silicon-valley unicorn? No problem. Since 2009, I've focused on helping creators & entrepreneurs build innovative technology. We'll tackle your most difficult challenges – while speaking in plain English, not Tech-y Jargon.

Sam Alexander - Fractional CTO for Creative Folks

Case Study: Track Club – from initial idea to Official TikTok Partnership

In the midst of a pandemic, Track Club launched as a new subscription music library for a new type of Creator, and got the attention of TikTok. Read the Case Study below to learn how we designed, built and launched Track Club and the flagship feature Mixlab ™ – an industry-first music customization feature that is making waves for creators everywhere.

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Luisa Jeffery

MixLab™ alone was a huge innovation. There's no competitor that we know of that has a similar feature available to creators, YouTubers, and small businesses … Sam and the rest of the team’s understanding of music helped them really knock it out of the park.

Luisa Jeffery
Luisa Jeffery

Head of Marketing, Track Club

S.D. Byock

Sam's experience as a CTO in so many different ways really allowed us to very quickly make decisions and then fix problems that arose. I can't even imagine the roadblocks we might have otherwise encountered.

S.D. Byock
S.D. Byock

Author, Podcast Host. Founder, Salome Institute

Justin Sainton

It was an incredible project and left me in awe of Sam's versatile development capacities, technical leadership and ability to pay attention to minute details and big picture/long term strategy at the same time. He's a total legend.

Justin Sainton
Justin Sainton

President, Zao

Sarah Crisp

Sam has given the gift of seeing a future beyond technical debt and hard-to-scale monolith architecture. He provided us with a game plan to move beyond initial limitations, guidance through day-to-day development, and a long-term technical roadmap to align development efforts around for years to come.

Sarah Crisp
Sarah Crisp

Head of Product, Marmoset Music

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